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9918 Kent St Ste 3

Elk Grove, CA 95624

(916) 247-4248

MON-SAT 9:00 to 5:00

( appointment recommended) 


Greetings,  just wanted to let everyone know how wonderful we were treated at River City Spas.  Sherlye greeted us as if we were family.  She listen to our needs and took time to show us several hot tubs in our price range.  She is very knowledgeable and honest.  We put a deposit on a jacuzzi, but the next day our truck brock down and weren't able to pay for the tub at that time.   Sherlye was so understanding and refunded our deposit. 
The following week we went back and purchased a beautiful Therma spa Auqaciser.  It is the best investment we have ever made and it is all because of River City Spa.  The delivery went so smooth, Barry and the fellows were very friendly and professional.  
I personally feel as if I have made new friends. 
THANK YOU SO MUCH RIVER CITY SPAS.  Blessings to all of you. 
Theresa & Pablo Diaz August  2016


I read the good and the bad reviews, but I have nothing but praise for RCS.  Over the last 4 years, I have used them a couple of times.  Late last year, I purchased a used spa from them and had zero issues.  Yes, this is a used spa company, and you get what you pay for, but for me it has been a great value!  And Barry (the younger one as I think there are two), has been wonderful.  I had an issue and lots of questions, and everything was taken care of.  Used spa, but new cover, new filters, new ozonator.  I am very very happy, even with my follow-up calls.
For those who are not happy with their service, or services of this nature, stick with new spa companies.  I for one, love the value of used equipment, especially when the service is good.  That is what I got from River City Spas - good service and value!  Expect less, and you will be happy with what you get.  Just like buying cars, there are new, and there are used.
Fair Oaks Jan 2016


Two of your employees came to my home to pick up my spa, I forgot to give these guys the original paperwork to the spa, so, I thought I would mail it to you. I would also like to add that your employee's and company were very professional and courteous to us. Thank you,

Ken Nalley {November 2012}


Thank you so much for delivering the spa on such short notice. It was the biggest blessing and I can't thank you enough. The baptism went great and the families were blessed.

Denise James

Bayside Church {November 2011}


My husband and I go in at 2:30pm to look at a used spa. Barry met us with a smile and showed us everything he had. He was so polite and honest about his merchandise we picked one out in 30 min! Needless to say we had it delivered in our backyard by 5:30pm that same day! We are already enjoying our spa and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a quality used spa! Thank you River City Spas! (And Barry)!

Andy & Jana {July 2011}


About 6pm last night two young men delivered our new (repaired) spa and they were late, because of that I was not in a very friendly mood. It was obvious that they had had a hard day and were worn out. In spite of that and because of their sincere apologies and real efforts to please me, I didn't stay upset for long. They accomplished putting the spa up on a deck for me that presented many challenges without a word of complaint. Sadly I never learned their names but I will remember their friendly, cooperative attitude for a long time. The spa heated up overnight and was useable this morning and seems to be all we needed or wanted.

Even though everything took longer than expected you can add me to your list of satisfied customers, largely due to your delivery men's attitude and cooperation.

Bob {July 2011}


I bought a wonderful spa from River City Spas! The staff was very knowledgable and I loved that they deliver! The guys that delivered that spa were great...they even re-aligned it a few times to make it look even. I am technically challenged, so I had a question about how to set the controls, and my question was handled immediately and professionally. I LOVE this spa! I would recommend this company to anyone. By the way... they also offer a 90 day warranty on parts. I live in Stockton and the delivery was free.

Thanks! {February 2011}


We purchased a used spa from River City Spas earlier this year. While shopping for our used spa, the staff were very helpful in making our selection. They have a decent inventory and many models can be seen in operation. The warranty extended to us on a used spa was 90 days. Although we were out of warranty, they came out and repaired a leaking hose at NO CHARGE! The technician was very nice and knowledgeable. Thanks River City Spas for handling this problem!!!

{December 2010}


We bought a used spa that was delivered and set up a few weeks ago. This weekend, we had a problem with the pump (we thought). The owner drove over (45 minute drive) to check it out. Turns out it was a bad fuse. We were very pleased and grateful that he went out of his way to come and make it right.

Michael {November 2010}

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